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October is Break Cancer Awareness Month. Each year the Providence Marriott Downtown and its restaurant, the Bluefin Grille, help out by spreading the word. This October, the Bluefin Grille is offering a Pink Drink & Dessert Menu to help bring awareness. The Bluefin and the Providence Marriott Downtown also co-sponsored the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation Volunteer training series in preparation for WaterFire on the October 11 (as well as many other events that weekend). The Flames of Hope WaterFire celebration is not to be missed. The whole weekend is packed with family friendly events including a 5K, a festival during the day, and it is the Columbus Day Festival on Federal Hill. So if you are planning to visit Providence next weekend, think PINK, bring your sneakers (for the Gloria Gemma 5K and they are comfy for walking around WaterFire – trust me, you’re going to want to walk) and come hungry! At this point most hotels are requiring a 2 night stay, but that’s OK…there’s so much to do, you’ll be glad you did! This is a perfect getaway for best friends or with your sister/mom. Get together, have fun, maybe share a few tears and eat hearty! And schedule your annual mammogram!



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September 26, 2013 ~ Another celebration of WaterFire will take place in Providence this weekend. One of my absolute favorite performances will take place – the koi fish procession. This is truly remarkable and if you haven’t seen it…you surely should! Imagine…crackling fires along the Providence River with illuminated over-sized koi “swimming” upstream above the flames. It’s so beautiful that it’s breath-taking.   Volunteers dedicate their time (and canoes, kayaks, etc) to assist in this project of art.  In fact, WaterFire could not take place without their loyal team of volunteers and the donations they collect throughout the season. Be sure to stop by and see how you can help.

So don’t miss out on this weekend’s WaterFire. The koi fish and all the other events will certainly make for a fun evening.



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