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Holiday Celebrations in Providence

December 6, 2013 ~ Last week  I cooked my first Thanksgiving Dinner at my home and my family came to me. It was a GREAT idea in theory. No traffic. I get to decide when we eat and WHAT we eat.  I don’t have to do the dishes…that’s a rule in my family. You host, no dishes.  For the most part, I was very grateful for such a splendid table in my tiny house surrounded by loving members of my family. The food was awesome! Thanks Mom for making the mashed potatoes. Meg, your Sweet Potato Pie was “totally cray”. And Dad, thanks for motivating me to continuously brew fresh coffee in the event that we might simply fall asleep at the table because we were so happy. It was a great day. The best part was not about being in control or not having to do dishes but the LAUGHTER. Thanksgiving Day is a long holiday. It’s an all day event. So between the discussions about what walls I can knock down in my house and how long should the turkey be in the oven? We laughed. We laughed and made memories that will be very precious to each of us.

That’s what holiday celebrations are about. Not shopping. Not who has the biggest tree ( I am pretty sure I have the smallest one and perhaps the tackiest – see pic below). It’s laughter that bonds people and makes everything seem OK.  Make sure you get a good dose of laughter this holiday season. It’s always a little sad after Santa leaves so be sure to book a special New Year’s Eve celebration this year at the Providence Marriott Downtown. Celebrate the joyous times and laugh about the silly ones. How will you laugh in New Year’s Eve in Providence this year? Did I mention my cornbread stuffing rocked?



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